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Financial Planning helps determine short and long-term financial goals and how you will achieve those goals. Often-times our clients uncover new goals during this process. A proper financial plan considers your circumstances, objectives, and risk tolerance. The planning process will help you with multiple facets of your finances including but not limited to cash flows, tax planning, budgeting, social security planning, asset allocation, insurance needs etc.  

Here at Rozovics Wealth Management we offer two Financial Planning models to our clients. 

1. Financial Plan Only Model 

2. Seasonal Financial Planning Model 

Financial Plan Only Model: The Financial Plan Only model allows for a one-time planning engagement with you. After creating and delivering the financial plan and its associated recommendations, you have the freedom to choose how to continue the relationship with us, if at all. There are no requirements to continue regular meetings with us when you are engaged in the Plan Only process.

Seasonal Financial Planning Model: Seasonal Planning allows for an ongoing premium planning engagement with clients that provides a comprehensive financial planning approach and a commitment to addressing all relevant areas of a client’s financial situation. In addition to the delivery of a financial plan, this engagement features a service model of four meetings per year. The quarterly meetings focus on specific topics — goal tracking, asset allocation, family security and cash flow, and tax planning. 

The seasonal planning service provides a comprehensive financial planning solution, encompassing every element of your financial life. This creates more opportunities for us to help you, increasing the value we provide to you. Each season is focused on a specific area of financial planning, so you know exactly what to expect and how to prepare as the year progresses. Below you will see a sample engagement of our Seasonal Planning process.

Season 1 (1st Quarter): Goal Tracking

  • How am I progressing toward my goals?
  • Do I need to save more, or can I save less?
  • Do I need to change the time frame for my goals?
  • Can I add more goals to my financial life?
  • How much do I have and where is it invested?
  • What will my cash flow and expenses look like this year?
  • Can I spend more money now?
  • Can I enhance my gifts to children, grandchildren or to charity?
  • Am I taking too much or too little risk in my investments?
  • Should I restructure my debt?
  • What is the proper amount to have as a reserve for emergencies?
  • What are the risks to my financial life?

Season 2 (2nd Quarter): Asset Allocation

  • What is the optimal mix of investments for my situation?
  • How do I change from where my investments are today to where I need to be?
  • How should my retirement plan’s at work be invested?
  • Are there tax implications to making changes in my portfolio?
  • Is my record keeping adequate for my investments?
  • Are there different types of investments I should be considering?

Season 3 (3rd Quarter): Family Security and Cash Flow

  • Is my cash flow working out as planned or do I need to re-evaluate my expenses?
  • What would happen if I couldn’t work anymore or became disabled?
  • What is my plan if I needed custodial care someday (who, how, where)?
  • Do I have the right amount of life insurance?
  • Is the type of life insurance I have the best for my current situation?
  • What are the risks to my personal property?
  • Am I exposed to lawsuits and how can I protect my wealth?
  • If I die would my assets go to the people I want as easily as possible?
  • Do I have an effective power of attorney or will in place?
  • How does my financial situation affect other family members?
  • How do other family financial situations affect me?
  • What should I do with my employee benefits at work?

Season 4 (4th Quarter): Tax Planning

  • Are there decisions I can make before the end of the year that can help manage tax liability?
  • How can I effectively communicate everything about my taxes to my accountant?
  • Should I take gains or losses this year or next?
  • How will potential tax law changes affect my decisions?
  • Am I using my retirement plans correctly?
  • Should I try to accelerate or delay income and expenses?
  • Am I withholding enough, or do I need to make or change an estimated tax payment?
  • Are my investments tax efficient?
  • What outstanding information will I need to complete my taxes?